Woman’s Group Coaching- You – Empowering – You

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“You – Empowering – You”

Love yourself, love your life – “You – Empowering – You”- an adventurous women’s group coaching journey that takes you through new discovery and awareness to new choices and new heights of growth, Self-love and Self-empowerment, resulting in endless possibilities! Your journey begins the moment you say “YES!”

It is your time to…..

Step Up, Step Out, Speak Up, Be Heard, Be Connected and Be Empowered!

“You – Empowering – You”

An Empowering  9 month Women’s group coaching course

Is your life like a complicated puzzle? A puzzle that is missing several pieces?
Is your life like a complicated puzzle; A puzzle that is missing several pieces?

Is your life a big puzzle with tons of little pieces that are not fitting “the picture in your head” like they are “supposed” to? Take a serious look at your life. Is it close to the way you want it in all areas? Are you overweight, overworked, overwhelmed? Are you underpaid, underappreciated?

Are you struggling to make all the  pieces of your life  you were told “should” fit,  yet don’t, fit into one harmonious, coherent picture?

Do you feel your life is like putting a big puzzle together with tons of little pieces that do not match the picture on the box? You might have the basic framework or maybe even some of the picture. However, it is not very clear and you have these empty spots that make the picture incomplete.

How can you feel whole  with all these different pieces you were told “should” fit and yet don’t….causing you confusion and frustration leaving you at a loss as to how to complete the picture? What is the core piece that is missing?

It is …..“You – Empowering – You”!

What is “You – Empowering –You”? An empowering   group coaching course that takes you on  a journey of adventure and remarkable discovery to a profound sense of Self, leaving you with a new strength of possibility and Self-empowerment.    Discover what it means to be a Self-Empowered woman who lives and leads with grace and strength.  Are you ready for an adventurous and explorative journey of SELF? You will be guided  through an empowering  journey that awakens your Self-awareness to Self-discovery, Self- discipline, Self -acceptance,  Self-care, and Self-love all  leading you to Self-Empowerment.

Love yourself, love your life

Loving yourself creates miracles in your life and is the surest path to Self-Empowerment.

 Being vain, arrogant or stuck-up is not Self-love; it is not love at all and does not lead to Self-empowerment.  It is only fear. True Self-Love is what allows you to have a greater respect for yourself and an appreciation for your amazing mind and body and stand in your own empoweremnt.   It is having so much love that it fills your heart to bursting and overflows to others easily without stress or resentment.  Freely loving others in a way that supports them and you.

 The very word Self-empowerment implies belief, trust in SELF. Being self empowered, is the ability to get yourself to do what you want to do. Stepping up, tapping into and owning your power  KNOWING you have an active role in creating the future of your dreams. Self-empowerment in its simplest form means taking charge of your own life and is  one of the requisites of personal growth and success. You do have a choice and a choice, made with effort following, is power. You can change your life from what it is now to what it can be.

Ignite your passion to recover your dream for life


Imagine having so much self love that you have tons to give back.
Imagine knowing and being connected to who you truly are, your core values and strengths no matter where you are, who you are with or what is going on in your life. 
Imagine accepting you as you are right here and right now.
How free, empowered and strong do you feel?

 Take a serious look at your life. Is it very close to the way you want it in all areas? Do you have the job you want? Do you have the relationship you want? Are you happy where you are living? Are you always taking care of other people? Do you neglect taking care of  yourself for housework, wash, dishes or other “work”? Are you overweight, overworked, overwhelmed? You are living in a world where radical change has become common place. Thus it is easy to surrender your power in just getting through the  day to day events of living. Before you know it, life is something that happens to you, rather than for you. Fear and survival  dominate your life, creating struggle and a feeling of powerlessness as one day blends into the next.  While there are many options out there for making daily life better,  this Empowering 6 week course  will focus on what’s available from inside of you rather than what’s out there. You will be awakened, inspired and instructed to look inward for your answers, reconnecting to your champion within, to live an authentic, Self-Empowered life.

“You – Empowering –You”

An Empowering  9 month Women’s group coaching course

Do you feel like you have no choices, powerless to change your circumstances, your situation and your life? Do you constantly worry about what others are going to say if you do what YOU want? Do you live in physical, emotional, mental chaos? Do you feel pulled in all directions trying to please everyone….except you? Do you get sick a lot; take lots of medications just to get through the day?

If one day blends into the next, one big blur of just do, do, do….    life is managing you rather than you managing your life.  

 Are You Ready To….


  • Stop….. seeing yourself as powerless
  • Stop….. holding onto old life patterns that no longer serve you
  • Stop….. giving your power away
  • Stop……the blame, shame and guilt(unnecessary)game
  • Stop……the chaos, constant busyness,  insanity
  • Stop……letting others opinions effect how you view yourself and live your life


   Because It’s Your Time!

This year fight for your dreams. Change your story!         

What would your life look like with the old feelings of distrust, doubt and distractions released? Being replaced with compassion and ease so that your vibration is lifted and raised into a new Consciousness of True Self love, Acceptance, Self-empowerment and Transformation

 Through this Empowering  9 month course you will discover how to:

  • Own your power
  • Discover your voice of strength and clear intention
  • Exercise you power of choice
  • Say “No” without guilt
  • Say “Yes” without guilt
  • Step up, Step out, speak up, be heard, be connected, be empowered
  • Know and feel what it really means to “love you”… way beyond taking a bubble bath lined with  candles!

Tapping into your own strength is critical. No longer the victim, you can get rid of blame, shame, should and I can’t mentality! Join this Self-Empowerment group coaching  to support you as:

  • you re- discover and tap into the power you know is within you.
  • find clarity, energy, motivation.
  • anchor in thought and behavior changes necessary to be self-empowered.
  • move from chaos to choice

Are you ready to stop seeing yourself as powerless and discover your inner voice of strength and clear intention?

 “You – Empowering –You” Course  

hot-air-balloon-edited background- 18 steps complete


  What You Can Expect From Me:

  • A group of like-minded peers to support your growth
  • High level support and accountability to keep you on track
  • 18- Targeted 90 minute calls;  
    • 2 live group calls per month equaling 3 full hours of convenient and powerful group coaching via telephone – (each call is 90 minutes)
    •  45 minutes of content plus 45 minutes for open discussion, Q&A
  • Access to recordings of each coaching call  (You will never  miss any information, also to listen to more than once)
  • Bonus Calls with Guest speakers
  • Two (2) LIVE 1 day intensives in  the lovely town of Blairstown, NJ (9:30 -4:30 lunch included)
  • 1 – 10 minute “just in time” coaching session each month of the program  
  • Entrance into a private Facebook page, just for the participants of “You – Empowering – You”  
  • Worksheet printouts
  • Accountability (check-in forms)  
  •  E-mail support between sessions
  • A personal 90 minute  intensive one on one coaching call with me for setting your clear 9 month intention

What I Expect From You:

  • Make every effort to ATTEND each LIVE 1 day intensive coaching session 
  • Show up for or listen to  all sessions (each recording)
  • Be on time for each live call
  • To be present during the calls and the recordings (no multitasking)
  • Show up with an intention for transformation
  • Actively participate to get the most benefit of the coaching (when attending live)
  • Apply what you are learning in your life (use it or lose it most assuredly applies here.)
  • On time with payments

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a person, grow and Transform….. Become Free, Self-Empowered and Strong. I am looking forward to working with you to do exactly that!  You can be the master of your life, rather than life having mastery over you. Stand in your own power to live an inspired life and a life you love.

“You – Empowering –You”

Women’s Group Coaching

18 Coaching Sessions Over 9 Months

PLUS 2 LIVE 1 day intensives

Rise Above It Bridge

New group starting in September 2015! 


Course Fee$6540.00!!*       Early bird special: $5,540.00!!! ( by Sept. 10, 2015)                                                                                         (payment options available)

Location: on phone and two (2) LIVE 1 day intensives in Blairstown, NJ (TBA)

To register:    E-mail: marion@raicoaching.com  or

    7308_10201180290339642_106688542_n Contact: Marion at 908-362-0015