What Are Boundaries?

What are Boundaries?

  •  Boundaries are personal invisible property lines that define who you are and who you are not.   
  • Boundaries protect you from being controlled, manipulated,  abused or exploited.
  • A boundary shows you where you end and someone else begins
  • Boundaries help you keep good in and bad out
  • Boundaries influence ALL areas of your life.


Why Learn the Laws of boundaries?

Healthy boundaries are the secret to healthier relationships.

Trying to master healthy boundaries without understanding the laws of boundaries can have you feeling like the Alien from another planet operating under different principles and laws who suddenly without warning or preparation is transported to Earth.

He is lost and unable to fly, because of this new phenomenon called gravity. He feels strange and out of place, an earthling diagnoses his problem telling him he needs food and recommends a place where he can eat.

The Alien goes into the restaurant, orders some of this Earth food and immediately feels better. But then, the man who gave him the food wants “seven dollars” for what he gave him.

The Alien has no idea what he’s talking about. After quite an argument, some men in uniforms come, take him away and put him in a small room with bars. What in the world is going on?.

He didn’t mean anyone harm, yet here he is in this thing called “jail,” whatever that is. He can no longer move about as he wants, and he resents it. What’s going on?  He was only trying to be about his own business, and now he has a sore leg, fatigue from his long walk, and a stomachache from eating too much. Nice place, this Earth.

If you have been raised in a dysfunctional family, or a family where God’s ways of boundaries were not practiced, you may have experiences similar to that of the alien. Where suddenly, without warning, you find yourself transported into adult life where the laws of boundaries, that have never been explained to you, govern your relationships and well-being. You are hurt, frustrated, angry, desperately wondering what happened. Why is this relationship(s) failing?

Because you never learned the laws and principles that could help you operate in accord with reality instead of against it, you become a prisoner of your own ignorance.

Boundaries are always in force, whether you are aware of them or not, and you may actually be familiar with them to a certain extent.

However by learning the laws of boundaries and exposing the myths surrounding them, you will better understand why certain aspects in your relationships are always problematic and why other aspects may work astonishingly well.

Isn’t it time for you to Explore, understand and apply the 10 laws of boundaries?

Using the ten laws of boundaries and busting through the myths around boundaries you can learn to begin to experience life differently. Are you ready to say “YES!” to a more balanced, joyFULL and peaceFULL life.

 How Can I say “YES!” to a more balanced, joyFULL and peaceFULL life?

Start here:  http://raicoaching.com/the-art-of-mastering-healthy-boundaries/

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