Ways You Give Your Power Away #1


A Dozen Ways You Give Your Power Away 

(Keeping you in victim mode)

 Over these next few weeks I will be sharing with you a dozen ways you give your power away, keeping you a “victim”,  probably stemming from childhood. Unfortunately, the ‘victim’ mentality has stayed with most people as they grew up, even though they have the power to change. As an adult you now have the power to take control, accept responsibility and change the things you are not happy with in your life. 

It’s like the big elephants you see at the circus. If you ever walked around outside of the circus grounds you would see these huge elephants standing around in the open. They are not in cages and no one is afraid they will wander off. They have a leather tether around their ankle and that’s what keeps them tied to their post. So how does a simple leather strap around the ankle of these huge strong elephants keep them from breaking free? It started when they were young. They had heavy duty chains on their ankle and  the baby elephants would struggle to get loose, pulling with all their might over and over to no avail. No matter how hard they pulled or tugged their chain didn’t break. They got trained to stay where they were chained. Now as full grown adults the trainer need only put a leather tether on the ankle because as soon as the elephant feels the least bit of resistance it stops pulling. and in reality all it would take is one good tug and that elephant would be free. He does not know that, so he stays chained to his past experience.

My intention in raising awareness to ways you give your power away, is that you will recognize you are no longer chained to your past experience and have the ability to break free.

1. Blaming others and circumstances;                                                                                                        

Blaming is the number one way you give your power away. Rather than accepting the responsibility for how your life is, you  make excuses, point fingers, justify.

Anything and anyone is to blame — except you. Spouse, family, friends, Parents, insurance company, your health, the economy…

When you constantly blame others, you develop a victim mentality. You are saying to your brain and all those around you “It’s not my fault..if..she.. it..they are causing all of my difficulties and suffering.”  It is only natural then with that thinking you encase yourself with anger, resentment and negative thoughts — all of which are surefire ways to bring on fatigue, sadness, stress and even chronic disease.

 Are you blaming others more than you think? Have you ever:

  • Blamed traffic/slow drivers for being late to an appointment?
  • Blamed your kids, co-workers, boss or spouse for a lousy day?
  • Blamed your “crazy busy life” for not getting out to walk or go to the gym?

They all seem like valid reasons for blame, so where would your personal responsibility be in these situations?

  • Planning your time; Leaving a few minutes earlier for your appointment, taking a different route that time of day
  • Realizing that external situations and the remarks of others can harm you through your thoughts-but only to the extent that your thoughts allow them to. Accepting responsibility for your thoughts means no one is to blame for your lousy day, other than yourself.
  • Acknowledging you are stressed with your “crazy busy life”, skipping the gym, eating “fast food”  more often and not taking time for yourself.

All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change you. – Wayne Dyer

Are you ready to stop playing the “Blame Game”? You can Rise Above It!

There is empowerment in accepting personal responsibility for your life. Contact me.


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