Self-Empowerment… Self-Love…

If you have been following my journey as a Coach you are aware that I started with Self-empowerment as my focus. I gave public presentations, held groups for self-empowerment and did one-on-one coaching around it. You got results and were very pleased as I was too.

Since I stay connected to you I know that after about a year or 2 a few of you were starting to lose some of your connection to being Self-empowered.

HHHMMMM, something was missing. What was it? I needed to go deeper. As you all know I hate just treating symptoms, I dive for the core or source to get to solution, lasting solution!!!

Being a coach I ask questions. These are the 3 questions I asked myself in seeking to serve you better….

  1.  What can I do to improve this program for lasting results?
  2.  What did I do to get to this level of Self-empowerment?
  3.  What is the layer underneath that supports Self-empowerment?

That next stage on my journey of digging deeper brought me to this – Thunk!,I could’ve had a V-8 moment – “AHA! ” it’s Self-love that is what is missing!. How can you possibly sustain self-empowerment without self-love? Yes, of course, I had to learn to love myself first to become self –empowered and you do too. Now my focus was on helping you to love yourself. I added Self-love to becoming Self-empowered and that  became my focus up to last year.

What happened last year? That unrest, that rumble to do something new and a little different was stirring in me. What could I do that supported my core message of Self-love to Self-empowerment? ….”I’d like to do little 1 day workshops” they would be fun, full of content, high impact and low cost.

And….. back to the drawing board so to speak, I went. On my white board above my desk I have this quote…

” Go deeper than you’ve ever gone to rise higher than you ever dreamed”

Reading this quote led to me to ponder these questions…

  1.  How can I go deeper?
  2. What did I do to get to this level of Self-love?
  3. What is the next layer down supporting Self-love?”

This layer, being one layer deeper took  longer, unlike the “AHA, it’s Self-love!”, this was a gentle awareness. That awareness grew stronger as I worked on the first 1 day workshop, when it hit me, Of Course! How can you possibly love yourself without…..

Stay tuned….To be continued in next blog…..



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