Unleash the Inner You!

leashed elephantUnleash the

Inner You!

Have you ever walked around the grounds of a circus  and seen  the huge adult elephants standing around in the open with only a rope tied around their ankle keeping  them at their post? Ever wonder how  a simple rope around the ankle of these huge strong animals keep them from breaking free? What’s the story here?

It starts when the elephant is very young. When a trainer gets a baby elephant he secures the baby elephant to a tree with heavy chains on its ankle.  Of course, the free spirited, uninhibited baby elephant tries to escape but it is held back by the strong chain.  The baby elephant will try to break free, time and again, tugging hard at the chain that does not break. The baby will struggle to get loose, pulling with all its might over and over to no avail. No matter how hard he pulls or tugs that chain won’t break.   After a while, the baby elephant is exhausted by its futile efforts. His free spirit is broken, he believes that there is no hope. He yields and just accepts his assigned position and situation.  He has been trained to stay where he was chained.

These feelings of hopelessness and learned helplessness stay in the elephant’s unconscious mind even when it grows into an adult – a huge, strong, hulking animal that could easily free itself from a chain, let alone a rope, in one good tug.

Yet as a full grown adult elephant, the trainer only needs to put a rope on its ankle to keep it in place, because as soon as the elephant feels the least bit of resistance it stops pulling. Even though the adult elephant can snap that rope with just one casual tug, it will make no such attempt.

One good tug and that elephant would be free. He does not know that, so he stays chained to his past experience, holding  strong to the limiting belief that has been etched into his unconscious mind.

This powerful, gigantic creature has limited it’s present abilities by its limitations of the past.

What limiting beliefs have you tethered to one spot like the adult elephant? Are there setbacks from your childhood that still have a hold on you like the baby elephant’s chains?

Whenever you balk at a challenge, or get resistance to following your dream that causes you to stop, ask yourself if you are being held back by a limiting belief or assumption, carried over from a bad experience from your childhood or just one unfortunate episode from long ago.

You have one life- make the most of it!

Our belief and mission is that you can find the powerful, dynamic you and live a life you love.

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