“Being Heard”

Do you ever feel like you are speaking into thin air? Is anyone really listening?

What part of “trim” did the hair stylist not get?  Wasn’t that “your idea” your colleague just proposed to your boss, making it the best he has heard in weeks?

Why can some command attention381977_471593592878912_1049478781_n with what may seem the most boring information ever heard; while others are ignored no matter what they say? Do you seek to be heard?

Many individuals such as Dale Carnegie, John Gray, and Brian Tracy believe there is a skill set involved with being heard.  Do some avoid eye contact when you are trying to be helpful, or do some check their cell phone, or do your friends drift off as you are pouring your heart out to them?  What “you” have to say, what “you” feel, what “you” think, and what “you” believe is definitely important.  Being heard is connected to listening, to yourself and to others.  Remember that emotions are connected to being heard and to listening. Emotions become dangerous when they are ignored, suppressed, or disowned, they do not just go away.  These emotions will dis-empower you.   How can you Rise Above It?  Listen to your emotions, “hear” what is being said honor, acknowledge, recognize, process, bear witness to and surrender them. Letting go to become empowered.  What possibilities may appear for you when you do choose to listen and really hear?  How can you be guided through your pre-conceived ideas that have hung around for years?

Success and happiness await!  Are You Ready to rule your own emotions and to be self-empowered?    YES !  



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