Meet Coach Marion

Thank you for stopping by

Please allow me to introduce myself;
My name is Marion Henderson; I am a Life Empowerment Coach, Health Coach and public speaker based here in the lovely town of Blairstown, NJ.

My values of God first, family second, career third, along with a strong love for people, combined with a desire to contribute to their lives and make a difference is the guiding force in all I do.

Which is why, I do what I love and love what I do! Every experience and every circumstance of my life has led me to this place where I am doing exactly what I love, Coaching! From as far back as I can remember, I have been the “go to” sister, friend, co-worker and Mom that people come to for encouragement and support when they are feeling powerless. And now through years of training and experience I am the “go to” person for you, my client.

It is important to me to provide you with high value empowerment coaching services that educate, enlighten and empower you to your power of choice. Why is that so important? It is the ability to choose that grants us the ability to change our environment and the experience we want to be having to live life powerfully and enjoy happy, healthy, empowered, successful lives.

I treasure my relationships with family and friends. I have a great, loving relationship with my Husband (of 38 years), daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. Spending time with family and friends is a great joy to my heart. There is plenty of love in my heart for all of them and you too.

I am unique, and have embraced that fully over the years. Thus I am no ordinary coach. There is no cookie cutter approach to coaching or anything I do in my life. You are an individual so we need to work together to discover your own answers. There is no one set format for all my clients, except the love, commitment and intuition I bring to every session.

My specialty is focused on supporting, serving and coaching you to self-love and self-empowerment. This is where you will find the courage to tap into your own resources and power, to step up, step out, speak up, be heard, be connected and be empowered to take an active role in your own life.

I strongly hold the belief that we are all naturally created resourceful and whole. Yet, I have seen and worked with women who have settled for less than they want, deserve, and are capable of being because of a false belief that they are not enough. Thus, they have lost themselves, their joy, excitement and enthusiasm, feeling stuck and disappointed with unrealized dreams and unfulfilled expectations. I take pride in supporting you, my client in feeling empowered, motivated and energized again.

My greatest joy as a coach is supporting, challenging and motivating you, through your journey of self -discovery, awareness and power of choice. You learn to tap into and harness your own power, Rise Above It and take an active role in your own life. As you develop Self-love and become Self-empowered you become the master of your life rather than life having mastery over you.

My years of extensive training and coaching allow me to further understand the inner workings of people, what compels them to do what they do, and what it takes to transform. It is important to know how to apply all this training to others, in a way that is clear, simple to incorporate, and fun. I am proud to say the skill, ability, knowledge and effort I bring makes a real difference in my client’s lives.

It is my pleasure and privilege to open my arms and heart to support, challenge and empower you towards new awareness, new heights and new choices. My passion is to work with individuals who want and are ready to change their life in a big way.
Looking forward to what we will discover and create together.

Warm Thanks and love,

PS. Yes, I am a certified for those of you who need to know that. However I prefer to go on results. I let my coaching speak louder than my certifications.