2016 Goals and Intentions

Here we are almost to the end of February, so I wanted to check in with you and ask:

How are you doing with your intentions you’ve set for the New Year?

Are you still on track and passionate about achieving your goals this year?

If you happen to be one of the people who start off the New Year with big ambitions – yet give up less than a WEEK or month after you make them, I get it.

You took on a challenge for yourself and no matter how strong your desire is to achieve it –you may find yourself waning, distracted or losing focus. Why?

Put simply, It is hard to sustain motivation, attention and focus on your own.

You need help to change old habits and behaviors that have served you for so many years and now no longer do. You need support and someone  to hold you accountable, Someone to keep you focused by holding your goal alive and in front of you when challenges arise.

Yeah, that’s what coaches do!

I am most thankful for all my coaches and especially Nanette Saylor who works with me regularly to keep me focused, on track and holds my big goal alive and in front of me for this year. I asked her to call me out on my B.S. like I do for my clients and she willingly does. Do I like it? Not always. However, it is in the discomfort that growth can take place, if you allow it.

You can choose to resist and hold tight to your story suppressing the discomfort, trying to ignore it staying stuck or you can choose to let it go and take the next step forward.

Oh yeah, that’s another thing a good coach will do, call you out on your B.S.

You know those old stories and excuses you fall back on when you don’t want to do something or it is hard to do. Yes, you do that and so do I. It would be wonderful if I could tell you it never happens to me anymore,  nevertheless, stories and excuses still pop up occasionally, they’ve just changed a bit. I’ve learned how to navigate my way over, around and through the blocks they used to create. What is interesting, too, as I uplevel my life and business, I see new “old’ stories and excuses popping up that need to be called out. Thank you Coach! As I continue to learn new ways to navigate my way through those blocks I welcome the opportunity to share the next steps with you. 

As I have often told you, Coaching is a journey of discovery, challenge and new awareness, which opens new choices. Thus, raising you to new heights for new possibilities.

Coaching is the vehicle that gets you from where you are to where you want to be.


Where do you want to be? Who is challenging you to discover your B.S and let it go? Were you serious about that intention you set for 2016? Then let’s make it happen!!!

Send me an email or share in the comments below, and tell me where you want to be and then, if you really want to make it happen, tell me where you are and what you need support on to re-declare your intention.

Then watch for my next email with a special suggestion just for you.