Self Empowerment…Self-Love….Healthy Boundaries

Remember the 3 questions from the previous blog?     Boundaries Heart

  • How can I go deeper?
  • What did I do to get to this level of Self-love?
  • What is the next layer down supporting Self-love?”

Scanning the 18 sessions from the Self-Empowerment Women’s Group Coaching I was sure that any one of those sessions would make a great workshop, which one to pick…. I sat staring at all the options and a quiet knowing came over me when I chose session #14

As I prepared for the one day workshop with this topic from the Self-Empowerment Women’s Group Coaching Course I became acutely aware that I had chosen the right topic, although it wasn’t clear to me immediately why it was the right one. 

“How does this support my core message of Self-love to Self-empowerment?”  There is something bigger here…thus with  a new fervor, I studied and researched more deeply and sure enough that gentle awareness grew to this big “AHA!” – BOUNDARIES! This is the supporting layer to Self-love!!

It is not possible to love yourself without healthy boundaries!

In reflecting back on my own journey to self-love I could clearly see what a huge impact creating a shift in my boundaries had on my capacity for Self-love. Previously, my boundaries were not clear with myself, my relationships, in the workplace or society itself. My life was constantly filled with overcoming challenges, taking care of family, volunteering for others in more need than me and being taken advantage of. Believing I was only doing what I “should” do as a “good Christian”

  “My boundaries had to change for me to fully love and honor myself.”

Healthy boundaries are essential to self-love and the furthest thing from selfishness as you can get. (For all of you who still interpret Self-love as selfishness.)

Healthy boundaries are the invisible property lines that define where you stop and someone else begins.

Establishing healthy boundaries, promotes self-value, improves self-confidence, and develops a healthy self-concept and freedom to be you.

I have since come to really appreciate that having healthy boundaries is crucial for happy, healthy relationships with your spouse, families, in the workplace and society. 

“Boundaries are the major cornerstones of self-esteem.  Having good boundaries and knowing our limits is the basis for a strong self,” – John Bradshaw.

Having this clear understanding of Boundaries as personal property lines that define where I stop and where you begin has granted me a greater sense of self, freedom and mastery over my life And will do the same for you.

Well what started as a 1 day workshop has now grown into a full 8 week content packed, enlightening information, new awareness and lifelong tools workshop on boundaries.

It is my pleasure to invite you to join….

The Art of Mastering Healthy Boundaries

Beginning April 7, 2016.

Get all the juicy details here:

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